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Drive-Thru Timers

At R&B Electronics, we sell and service only the best manufacturer’s brands such as HME, 3M, and HyperActive. Optimize your drive-thru operation with these drive-thru timer systems. A quality drive-thru timer system will:

  • Measure the speed and efficiency of your drive-thru service
  • Identify problem areas
  • Monitor and record the efficiency of employees and improve productivity
  • Boost drive-thru sales, serve more customers, and increase profits

We offer equipment maintenance agreements. Please contact us for details at 800-878-1705.

HME Zoom™ Drive-Thru System

Rely on HME drive-thru timers to improve profits and customer satisfaction by moving more cars through the drive-thru during critical peak hours.

  • Multi-color displays motivate employees to deliver faster service and move more cars through the drive-thru
  • Timer reports help managers staff the drive-thru area more effectively and improve the entire customer experience
  • Quick-view screens show the average service time and the number of customers served within a selected time frame
  • Collect data from multiple restaurants at a remove location
  • Compare the drive-thru performance of multiple restaurants
  • Upload, modify, and download settings remotely
  • Create databases to store historical drive-thru information




No need to invest in a new drive-thru timer system. HME’s DASH uses your existing System 30A Drive-thru Timer to provide many of the features of our advanced, digital drive-thru timer systemDASH — at a fraction of the price.

    • The DASH System 30A Upgrade works off of a 17-inch LCD display screen to provide a graphical picture of your entire drive-thru, so managers and crew can take immediate action to speed things up.

More efficient than ordinary drive-thru timers

  • With easy-to-use reports, powerful comparative graphics,
    and remote viewing from your back office PC or the Internet, DASH helps you assess and manage operations more efficiently than ever.



Drive-thru Order Management | QSR Software | HyperActive Technologies

QTimer® Drive-thru Management System

 It’s time to get real about your drive-thru, your business depends on it.

QTimer® is the leading real-time drive-thru management system from HyperActive Technologies® and is the ultimate tool for the quick-service restaurant (QSR) drive-thru looking to shave seconds off their drive-thru.

QTimer Drive Thru Management System

QTimer® is one of the most innovative real-time drive-thru management systems in the world. It can easily integrate with more than 30 point of sale (POS) systems and continues to be the industry’s fastest growing drive-thru solution. Its fluid integration with point-of-sale systems provides valuable insight to menu items, order size, out of stock items and speed issues that may be causing slowdowns in the restaurant’s drive-thru